McAllester, Antarctica: Ice #1. Photograph on Dye Sublimation Aluminum, Float Mount.

$750.00 - $2,695.00
This is a custom order from my "specialty" printing partner that usually ships within 7 - 10 business days of receipt of the order.
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Antarctic Peninsula. February, 2020.

Antarctica: Ice #1  shows the amazing colors, contours, and details of the ice in the foreground iceberg, in the water around the iceberg, and in the 2nd iceberg in the background.

Antarctica: Ice #1  is printed on specialized glossy aluminum using a Dye Sublimation process to help show the colors at their best.

The Float Frame uses a 3/4" thick aluminum box frame, recessed 3" from the outside edges of the photograph, to "Float" the photograph as it hangs on the wall. A 2 piece aluminum French Cleat hanger is provided with the float frame. One piece attaches to the aluminum box frame; the second piece attaches to the wall. When you hang your art, the 2 pieces interlock to make for a secure and level installation.  And, unlike a traditional picture hook and wire hanger, your art will sit flush to the wall.

Antarctica: Ice #1  is also available in multiple sizes on archival paper and as a 5 x 7 bifold greeting card.

Custom sizes and presentations are also available; please contact me at  for inquiries.