Harvey, Fiddleback Maple and Walnut Jewelry Chest

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This walnut and fiddleback maple jewelry chest features Roger Harvey's signature swinging drawers.

Each of the six drawers has a unique layout to accomidate a large variety of jewelry. The drawer chambers are flocked* with red velvet. The lower left drawer features a shallow liftout tray that covers three chambers. The lower right has padded slots to hold 16 rings or small flat items. The slots are covered in gray velvet. Four black velvet bags are provided for braclets.

Each drawer has bronze bushings and steel shafts to provide smooth operation in all levels of humidity. Small magnets lightly hold the drawers in the closed position.


Weight: 12 pounds

Width: 19"

Depth: 7 1/2"

Height: 6"

Finish: Satin polyurethane

*Flocking is a process of applying a velvet surface to a rigid surface. The area to be flocked is coated with a colored glue and powdered fabric of matching color is blown onto the glue. Excess fabric is brushed off after the glue dries.